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Digital Photo Professional Updater (ver. 3.­0.­1) PE SELF-EXTRACTING freigegeben 2007.05.01.

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Kategorie Digitalkameras
Marke Canon
Gerät EOS D30
Betriebssystem Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Version 3.­0.­1
Dateigröße 23.99 Mb
Freigegeben 2007.05.01
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This software provides high speed RAW image processing and digital workflow solution to support professional users.­ Changes from Ver.­ 3.­0 to Ver.­ 3.­0.­1 Changed Functions The following functions are not available on Windows Vista PC.­ Trimming tool Quick check tool Prints with detailed settings Contact sheet prints Fixes When significantly adjusting the tone curve for RAW images taken with specific models* and executing [Convert and Save] or [Batch Save],­ gradation was partially lost.­ But this problem has been fixed.­ * EOS 5D,­ EOS-1D Mark II N,­ EOS 30D,­ EOS 400D,­ EOS-1D Mark III Changes from Ver.­ 2.­2 to Ver.­ 3.­0 Added Functions Support added for Windows Vista.­ Support was added for EOS-1D Mark III.­ Support added for single-image display for RAW+JPEG images.­ (*) Enabled thumbnail image rearranging using drag &­ drop.­ Enabled a frame display in trimmed images in main window or edit image window.­ Added multi-image synchronizing function in edit window.­ Supported multi-page printing in detailed setting printing.­ Enabled a Color Management settings window call function in the detailed setting printing window.­ Enabled images trimmed in DPP to print as trimmed images when they are printed using Easy-PhotoPrint,­ Easy-PhotoPrint Pro.­ The GPS data can be displayed with other shooting information when the GPS data is added to it.­ Changed Functions Brought together as collective image adjustments in the tool palette in the main window.­ Added a noise reduction tab,­ and allowed noise reduction to be applied to individual images Changed the display method of trimmed images in edit window,­ edit image window.­ Images trimmed in DPP are now printed as trimmed images.­ Improved the speed for displaying RAW images in edit window.­ Support added for new Picture Style files.­ (.­pf2) The extension for the Picture Style files has been changed from “.­pse” to “.­pf2” .­ Please download the files again.­ Please note that the effect of the files has not been changed.­ Fixes When selecting the detailed setting printing and contact sheet printing,­ the printing result could become completely white (or in some cases,­ completely black).­ But this has been corrected.­ *: The edited content is applied only to RAW images.­ File moving,­ copying,­ or deleting applies to both the RAW image and the JPEG image.­ Single image display is only used with CR2-type RAW and JPEG images that were shot simultaneously.­ (The images used with TIFF-type RAW and JPEG images can not be displayed as a single image).­ Caution It is necessary to download the latest version of EOS Utility,­ which is available separately,­ when using the remote shooting function from Digital Photo Professional 3.­0.­ Changes from Ver.­ 2.­1 to Ver.­ 2.­2.­ Added Functions Camera support for EOS DIGITAL 400D Incorporated an automatic dust erasure processing function that supports EOS DIGITAL 400D Dust Delete Data.­ Enhanced Tone Curve Assist function (standard/­high) There are now two buttons: the existing tone curve adjustment (Standard) and a stronger adjustment (High).­ Added noise reduction function for JPEG images The chrominance noise reduction function has been expanded for JPEG/­TIFF images as well.­ Changes from Ver.­ 2.­1 to Ver.­ 2.­1a Fixes In environments where previous versions were installed,­ errors sometimes occurred when using Digital Photo Professional 2.­1 from the bundled CD or Digital Photo Professional 2.­1 Updater to update them,­ but this has been fixed.­ Changes from Ver.­ 2.­0.­3 to Ver.­ 2.­1 Added Functions Camera support for the

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