Canon DC211 ImageBrowser Updater Software Download kostenlos (ver. 5.­8b)

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ImageBrowser Updater (ver. 5.­8b) EXECUTABLE SELF-EXTRACTING freigegeben 2007.04.30.

Datei Heruntergeladen 0 Mal und angeschaut 1726 Mal.

Kategorie Digitalkameras
Marke Canon
Gerät DC211
Betriebssystem Mac OS X
Version 5.­8b
Dateigröße 7.01 Mb
Freigegeben 2007.04.30
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ImageBrowser Updater for Mac OS X 10.­3.­x,­ Mac OS X 10.­4.­x Support added for new Picture Style files The extension for the Picture Style files has been changed from '.­pse' to '.­pf2'.­ Please download the files again.­ The effect of the files has not been changed.­ Support added for EOS-1D Mark III Please note MacOS X v10.­2 is nos supported in this version of software.­

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