Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II ImageBrowser Updater Treiber Download kostenlos (ver. 6.­1.­1)

Auf dieser Seite können Sie kostenlos herunterladen Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II ImageBrowser Updater Treiber für Digitalkameras.

ImageBrowser Updater (ver. 6.­1.­1) freigegeben 2008.04.02.

Datei Heruntergeladen 0 Mal und angeschaut 272 Mal.

Kategorie Digitalkameras
Marke Canon
Gerät EOS-1Ds Mark II
Betriebssystem Mac OS X
Version 6.­1.­1
Dateigröße 72.49 Mb
Freigegeben 2008.04.02
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ImageBrowser Updater for Mac OS X 10.­3.­x,­ Mac OS X 10.­4.­x,­ Mac OS X 10.­5.­x IB Updater New Functions,­ and supported models Change of Supported OSs Supports Mac OS X 10.­5 (Leopard) There are some limitations when using Mac OS X 10.­5 pleasesee section belowfor details.­ New Supported Models Added models that supports RAW Supports DIGITAL EOS 450D Important Cautions: Printing does not start even if you try printing fromCameraWindow in Mac OS X 10.­5 (Leopard).­ If you wish to print,­ transferimages to the computer and print with ImageBrowser.­ Precaution to EOS DIGITAL camera users: To install ImageBrowser 6.­1.­1,­ users of the following digital SLRcameras should use EOS Utility: Supported Models: EOS-1Ds Mark III,­ EOS 40D,­ EOS-1D Mark III,­ EOS 400D,­EOS-1D,­ EOS-1Ds,­ EOS-1D Mark II,­ EOS-1Ds Mark II,­ EOS-1D Mark II N,­ EOS5D,­ EOS 10D,­ EOS 20D,­ EOS 20Da,­ EOS 30D,­ EOS 300D,­ EOS 350D,­ EOS D30,­EOS D60 EOS Utility is an application for connecting to EOS Digitalcameras,­ controlling them from a PC,­ and taking remote shots.­ If you using Mac OS X 10.­3 to 10.­4.­ The latest version can be downloaded from here.­ If you use Mac OS X 10.­5 (Leopard) Please use EOS Utility that supports Mac OS X 10.­5(Leopard).­ Canon plan to distribute the version that supports Mac OS X10.­5 (Leopard) in May.­ An announcement will be made on the Canon Web site assoon as preparations are completed.­

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