Canon CLC5151-H1 OS400 Object Generator Treiber Download kostenlos (ver. 2.­6)

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OS400 Object Generator (ver. 2.­6) ZIP freigegeben 2008.09.24.

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Kategorie mehrfunktionale Geräte
Marke Canon
Gerät CLC5151-H1
Betriebssystem OS/400
Version 2.­6
Dateigröße 1.85 Mb
Dateityp ZIP
Freigegeben 2008.09.24
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-Trial- OS400 Object Generator for Canon Devices v2.­6 This is trial version.­ The Canon OS/­400 Object Generator facilitates the creation of workstation customisation objects on an OS/­400 system and the maintenance of queues and devices.­ By utilising simple menus,­ the administrator can create DEVICES and OUTQs that will allow Canon devices to be used for SNA Character String (SCS) printing from the OS/­400 system.­

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